Friday 9 November 2018

Merrin's Farm

 With a the Agrology safely in the Loyalist's hands pinceps seniores Pentecost of the Legio Metalica led his engines in defence of the contested zones of the planet, his battlegroup was vital in the defence of the western expanse during the battle at Merrin's Farm.
From de belli titanorum
 We used the secret deploment map for this game, Loyalist objective was to destroy the enemy whereas the traitors had to extract a cargo offboard by the enemy edge.
 Both sides traded shots at long distance, then Imperius Galgamech outflanked, pouncing upon the enemy command titan's unpotected rear. The megabolter caused two damage at the torso then the wrecking ball the location and smashed the reactor core.
 With the princeps senoires out of the picture the cargo fell to the ground, the rest of Mortis moved either to engage the newcomer or flee faway
 But while her shields held, Galgamech killed another foe with her trusty demolition implement
 The striken engine truned around in her death throes, firing for the last time against the killer
 Beset by the enemy Galgamech lost all her shields
 The rest of the battlegroup helped as best they could firing into the attacking traitors
  Both engines traded shots, ending badly mauled
 From their positions around the farm, the Metalica engines blast away with all their might
 Finally, Galgamech's megabolter destroyed the torso of her third victim
The last traitor attacks Galgamech and she goes down in glorious martyrdom.
It was the last turn of the battle and the horusians lost 45 to 5.

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