Wednesday 21 November 2018

Lorin Beta

 In the yearly heresy game Rogal Dorn defends the planet Lorin Beta from the traitorous Thousand sons and their primarch Magnus. The mission was purge the alien from eternal war (kill points)
 In the first turn the traitors stood still but Dorn marched forwards
 Magnus got the dreaded power invisibility which he casted onto the termis
 Both devastator squads let fly with their missile launchers, killin the dreadnought
 The thousand sons moved to get their bolters into range, dropping  a few Imperial Fist huscarls 
 The loyalist termis and captain run for the board edge
 Next turn Dorn and tacticals aimed at the enemy infantry using fury of the legion
 When the dust settled only the praetor remained
 In the last turn the huscarls got closer to the praetor with a sprint but we rolled for game length and the battle ended there
The loyalists win 3-0. Dorn's Ld buff was useful against the telepathy powers
And of course...

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