Sunday 12 March 2017

Side 190 b.C.

 This battle of our romano-syrian campaign sees Hannibal leading a seleucid navy against rhodians allied with Rome
 Rhodians deploy in a line with the admiral slightly advanced as Livy says
 With 0 historical data the seleucid player has free deployment, placing two blocks of quinquerremes and a center of monoremes
 The rhodians advance in wedge going for the weak center

 The rhodians begin to ram, and sink all the 4 monoremes

 With the center gone, the seleucid player advances the flanks
 Some fires are caused by the catapults
 The heavies clash

 Two of the seleucid quinqueremes swing round to protect the left flank
 A ramming just causes one damage
 A monoreme manages to strip one damage
 The two rhodian triremes ram and sink an enemy five

 The rhodian flagship is set on fire by the seleucid
 A king's galley manages to sink a rhodian striking at her side

 The rhodian admiral repulses a boarding from the far superior deceres
 The sleucid flagship is then inefectivelly rammed

 Revenge! the galley that rammed and sank a rhodian five is sent to the bottom by her comrades

 The rhodians strike the oars furiosly, and keep sinking fives with precise side hits

 A trireme rams the side of a bigger prey and inflicts one damage
The other three sinks engulfed by flames however 
 Some ineffectual ramming by a burning five
 The monoremes keep striking at a five and cause one damage
 A seleucid rams, but the rhodians skill is such that they just suffer one damage

 In the rhodian left the sleucids have lost most of the front line and are being outflanked
 The right is much more caothic with battlelines all but broken
 Hannibal keeps persecuting the rhodian admiral causing some damage
 A rhodian five strikes at an exposed flank, sinking her opponent

 Another seleucid is sandwitched by two enemies and destroyed
 Things look good for the rhodian right, with most enemies sent to the bottom

 The rhodian flagship is swamped by enemies and sunk

With his center destroyed and his left all but so, the seleucid player concedes victory to the rhodians.


  1. Quelle belle bataille! Superbes navires...

  2. Merci, la prochaine va ètre la dernière marine de cète campagne, on jouera la 1ère punique un peu après.