Wednesday 15 March 2017

Mionesus 190 b.C.

 In the last naval battle of the romanosyrian campaign the combined fleet of Rhodes & Rome faces the last remnants of the seleucid fleet to secure the passage to Asia.
The romanss deploy first in a line and the seleucid second in a corner, sneaky!
 The rhodians (ships with white puff -fire cauldrons- in the prow) deploy on the right while the romans take the left
 I move my left to the center while te seleucid spreads his right
 Then I move in echelon, Gaugamela style?

 The lines clash and some seleucid catch fire

 Two seleucid pierce the line but don't turn back, hmm
 A five is caught in the flank and sunk

 Overview: the seleucid center remains inactive while the right is isolated and the left advances led by the deceres

 The roman admiral is content to keep the enemy at bay
 The fleeing seleucids are kept under constant catapult fire
 Nowhere to go!
 A five next to the ten is rammed by two rhodians at once and sinks

 Run away!!
 The seleucid center still remains inactive
 The trapped seleucids still resist, to stubborn to die

Battle comes to an end as I have to go, we count up points and victory goes to the allies 8-0.
Next'll be the final battle of the campaign: Magnesia, with a small edge to the winning allies.

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