Wednesday 8 March 2017

Iron hands/salamanders vs Tau

 Got a game vs tau and after the sucess of the salamander moritats last day I decided to bring two of them. My opponent luckily didn't have no stormsurge, probably the decisive factor of the battle.
 We played with those objective cards, I got to go second but wiht a lucky roll seized the initiative!.
 Blam! The typhon kills the enemy etheral and a unit of fire warriors
 My opponent "miraculously" draws in his first turn the three objective cards for the markers in his deployment zone. Of course he had shuffled the deck!
 Concentrated tau fire wipes out a squad of iron hands

The two moritats jump over the buildings to target the enemy heavies, the left one does 4 wounds
 And the right...
 ...kills the giant battlesuit!
 Smaller suits drop near the typhon, doing nothing against its armoured ceramite
 Both moritats die next of course
We end the battle with victory to the Imperium 8-6.
I was lucky that my opponent didn't have any stormsurges and that it was his seocnd game with this army (and so wasn't very used to it). The moritats performed well enough to justify their painting, while my lightning fighter didn't show up at all! A devastator squad would have been a better investment since the tau are also known for their antiair capabilities.

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