Wednesday 22 February 2017

Seleucid deceres

 Working again on galleys, this time the seleucid flagship, a deceres, accompanied by four quinqueremes.
 The deceres doesn't come per se in the carthaginian set so I scaled up a quinquereme. I edited two towers to give it a more imponent aspect, it also shoots more ingame so the two towers are also housing extra scorpions, archers, etc

 My first successor quinquerremes

 The coin was a gift from my uncle. It's the reproduction of a gold statera from a serie coined by the successor king Philip III (reign 323-317) which represents him with the features of Apollo in one side and driving a biga on the other. We are then before a typical hellenistinc coin which features the program of divinitzation of the ruler started by Alexander and also an interest in sports in line with the ideals of physical and mental fitness of the ruler so prevalent in the greek world. 

The real thing
 Finally a size comparison between the three types of seleucid ships