Wednesday 1 February 2017

Berezina 1812

 Last battle of the 1812 minicampaign: Napoelon must defend the crossing at Berezina in order to escape the russians. The ruskis have one extra unit thanks to winning all the games of the campaign.
Note that the number of guns has been balanced after my opponent's complaints.
 While the left flank rushes forward the heavy guns tear to pieces a french column
 The right moves speedily
 In a brilliant moment of inspiration the imperials form squares under the russian guns!

 The hussars rush the french cannon
 As do the lancers
 Some russian riders fall to grape...
 ...but the rest destroy the battery!
 The lancers are repulsed, quite a surprise
 Napoleon is killed leading the brave gunners however
 Attack column vs line, a classic
 The poles abandon the village of Studienka for unfathomable reasons
 Poniatowsky crosses the bridge, that miraculously holds together
 The lancers finally kill the brave, but doomed, gunners
 The grenadier column pushes back one line of frenchmen but struggles against the second
 The french right finally gets that they are better off in line

 One pole unit is killed by long range fire
 One column is repulsed, but a fresher one closes in
 Their job done, the lancers retreat, giving way to blocks of grenadiers 
 Studienka passes now into russian hands
 As more grenadiers charge
 The french rout and that breaks the spirit of the imperial player, that concedes
With Napoleon dead and the french army trapped in Russia the 1st empire is done for.

This first of minicampaigns has been finished, I hadn't finished a campaign since epic 40k, two years ago, I like this new system!

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