Wednesday 8 February 2017

Itopanch: Von Harkon's treasure

Itopanch: an island hidden during millenia by the magic of the Slann. With the fading of their great plan, the mists lift and through them emerges a virgin land ripe for exploring!
Map by Francesca Baerald.
 After almost two years I got to play a game of Mordheim. The thing is that with my father we played some 28mm Lepanto in a local historical wargaming convention, he asked me If I had something like that and Indeed I do: my old mordheim ships! 
We used my supplement for adding ships into mordheim and one of its scenarios: the warbands have to disembark and get to the opposite edge to search for treasure. 
But beware! for the hoard is well guarded.
 I made some new palm trees. The salacot came in handy under the tropical heat

 My ogre crew mans the ship (maneater warband)

 The Itopanch temple guard rush to protect their shores!

 Both crews rushed forward with cannonfire flying harmlessly overheard 
 The first monsters show up: a shark attacks the hull of my ship
 First blood goes to one of my ogres that kills a saurus with a cannonball
 The lizardmen leader is also OoA from the gunfire
 The waters seem to be infested by sharks and they tear big chunks from the ships
 Luckily no one thought about swimming to the island!

 My ship is the first to ground
 But my captain, Goldbead, will never put his feet onshore
 The survivors from my band disembark
 As do the lizards
 Local flora immediatelly takes a testing bite at the newcomers, but saurus hide proves too tough for its liking

 Some madcap fungi are also found on the beach
 I begin to look for the treasure but can find nothing
 The skinks however, knew were to look, but then out of the sand a swarm of zombies appear, each mindlessly guarding a treasure chest

 A melee around the chests ensues

 Skink arrows kill (again) a zombie
 While my ogres struggle with bluies and zombies...
 Two lizardmen grab the money and run! 
At this point my camera's battery ran out: The melee ground on, I killed a skink and captured a chest before the skirmish ended.

In the campaign phase my father opened his chest only to find a friendly flag from the Sartosa supplement (one of old von Harkon's tricks no doubt). His surviving heroes did a bit of exploring, finding 45 GC. His two OoA henchemen sadly didn't make it and will never see action again. 
I had better luck finding gems worth 20 GC inside my chest, I also found 45 extra GC and my dead heroes recovered flawlessly.

All in all a chill and funny game, free from the tension of our latest napoleonics, my father liked it, so we'll be playing more of it in the future.

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