Thursday 15 September 2016

Gibraltar convoy

 Second playtest of Empire of the Seas: we rolled the convoy run scenario where the british win if a quarter of their ships rounding down exit by the enemy board edge. That's just one ship, too easy?
Setting: a british fleet must bring relief and foodstuffs to the besieged Gibraltar garrison through the french fleet.
 The fleets closed in in the first turns

 The french were the first to open ineffective fire at extreme range

 The british elegantly closed in and fired a more effective point-blank broadside
 Setting on fire a french

 Instead of boarding, the french vessels decided to cut the stern of the brits a good move in any other scenario, but fatal on this one
 The brits suffered quite a lot but now there was nothing between them and the french table edge

 The enemy ships tried hopelessly to catch up with mine

 With four ships heading to the exit the french called the day

 A lone british straggler fighting against two french at the same time
This scenario proved to be quite broken so I'm nerfing it to half the attacker fleet rounding up to achieve victory. We'll have a go with changes and reversed roles next weet to see how it goes.
Also I want to include a coastal batteries scenario so I'll probably change it for the blocade one.

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