Tuesday 18 November 2014

Tyranid bio titans

 2600 points of kitbashed tyranid titans ready to fight against the titan legions of the Imperium.
I made them with termagant bodies plus diverse tyranid weapons, the ones that look like pistols represent bio-cannons, while the others with lots of holes cluster spines, the assortment of swords, spikes and claws represent close combat weapons.

I liked a lot the movie Pacific Rim and I wanted to reproduce the look of the kaijus in the film in my titans, let's see what I'm talking about:

 Two dominatrices/Hierophants, the tentacled head count as the hierophant's ripper tentacles, while the gun emerging from it's back its the dominatrix's dorsal cannon
 Both options are great, the dominatrix provides the only death ray (wound and critical at 2+) weapon of the bio titan range and a 4+ special save althought she doesen't have a close combat weapon; while the hierodule can trap an enemy titan's close combat weapon rendering it vulnerable in assaults. The Dominatrix sould act as the tyranid meatshield-fire support, while the hierophant is designed to close to grips with the enemy.

 Those other models are hierodules, the lightest bio titans, all but one are equipped with cluster spines (the other having a bio cannon) and all have close combat weapons.
Their best chance at taking out an imperial titan is to charge it with a 2 to 1 advantage if the titan has close combat weapons or if not in a 1 to 1 fight. In epic 40k if you win a combat equipped with a titan sized close combat weapon, the enemy titan is automatically destroyed!

A size comparison shot with my favorite model: the three headed hierodule

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