Thursday 6 November 2014

Parol's sacrifice

 Our las tbattle of the campaign is an attempt by Admiral Parol to block orkimedes's escape from the system. If the dreaded ork genius went off who knows what new devices will plague the imperium in the next years? 
If the ork hulk carrying Orkimedes exits the board with above half damage the orks will be victorious, if it exits but the damage it's below half the result will be a draw, since the warp jump will be extremely difficult for the crippled "vessel" if the hulk doesen't exit the board at all, then victory for the imperials.

Imperial forces
Admiral prol L8
Retribution battleship
Tyrant cruiser
sword class frigate

Ork forces:
Space hulk

 the hulk advances while the imperial wheel
 assult boats in the void!

 double wave!
 The hulk's forntal gunz cause some damage to a battleship that has it's prow and engines offline thanks to the assault boats. menwhile the imperials just score glancing hits with the nova cannon due to bad calculation
 starboard torpedoes of strength 11 cause little damage against the armoured prow
 but three humble torpedoes destroy the frigate
 Fighta bomberz cripple the battleship
 The two imperial capital ships close on the hulk coming close to crippling it (19 damage done during all the battle)
But the orks power up and leave behind the desolated imperials

And so the campaign ends with a resounding ork victory!

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