Monday 10 June 2024

Surprise attack on Mordax Secundus

War goes on in the Scarus sector, after repelling the heretic assault on x the imperial forces go into the offensive attacks the forgeworld of Mordax Prime. 
Caught out of position by the sudden attack the Planet Killer recieves the full broadside of the templar fleet on her stern
The rest of the chaos vessels move to the attack, but the imperials have caught them spread all over the system due to the chaos player's bad deployment choices
While the battlebarge steers for the enemy fleet a squadron of assault cruisers chase the battleship
Wich, unable to turn, is easy prey for the Black Templars
With the Planet Killer destroyed it is now turn for her attendant fleet, and a devastation cruiser is wrecked by concentrated fire

And when the chasing squadron comes back to the fight the battle is decided in the Imperium's favour!

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