Wednesday 18 January 2023

Primus crusade: race to Rustgate

Having routed the apostates in the slums of hive Primus klovis led the defence of the blessed settlement of Rustgate from the brutal goliaths. Being the gateway to the great ash roads the place was the key to an immense wealth that could never be allowed to fall into the hands of such enemy of the faith
Soon we saw them over the horizon, a collection of miscreants and heretics sprung up from the infect bowels of  heretical amneo-vats, vile machines that defied the Emperor's ordained will with their artificial spawn and heretical geneo-sorcery
But fear not faithful reader, for the forces of Redemption were at hand to put an end to their evil: Klovis had sallied out from Rustgate aboard the Puplitek
Both vehicles engaged in a lively firefight, and by the grace of the Emperor their abominable barge of sin was struck down, purged with purifying light of a mining laser
In their last moments the degenerante vehicle turned its guns on the Pulpitek, damaging it badly with an unfortunate slavo of its own corrupt artillery
It was then that I reached the battlefield and beheld an inspiring sight that made my heard soar after the grievous blow of the -temporary- loss of Klovis' rolling temple
Leaving behind their inoperable machine the goliaths were rushing towards the gate in foot, falling prey one by one to the weapons of the faithful
Brave Alpha sacrificed herself by charging recklessly into the foe, who pinned in place by her fiery onslaught was left stranded in the middle of the wastes without any chance of reaching the gate
And so it was victory secured by the Emperor's will and the Pulpitek's formidable guns

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