Thursday 25 November 2021

The ruins of Cadia


After fleeing Kantrael Thraxus Hellbreed has come to the devastated Cadian system to repair and join with the reinforcements that are streaming from the Eye of Terror, however the resolute Black Templars are close in pursuit and engage the heretics over the blasted remains of the once proud fortress world.
Battle begins and the Omnissian misses its nova shot against the Planet Killer
The Armageddon Gun is quick to answer, and the mechanicus cruiser has to brace for impact
The Light of Purity is assaulted by waves of dreadclaws, despite the valiant defence of the sons of Dorn some weapon systems are disabled
Quickly regaining the initiative, the Templars close the range and start blasting with bombardment cannons and macrobatteries

The Faithful and the Adamant exit the cover of destroyed Cadia and pounce upon the massive battleship
The battlebarge too lets rip, and her boarding torpedoes incendiate a chaos cruiser
However in the next turn the vessel loses its remaining weapons, leaving her with only the launch bays 
Marshal Gheidon however is far from beaten and his Templars bring battle to the foe aboard the thunderhawks of the eternal crusade
Far from the main action the Unbreakable duels with the Merciless, a fight that goes increasingly in favour of the imperials
Undaunted, Gheidon orders all hands to the boarding rams and a zealous force of knights of the Emperor captures the nearest chaos cruiser
The Templars destroy the safety valves of the plasma generator, and the warship blows up moments after the marines teleport back to the battlebarge
More dreadclaws assault the Unbreakable, but her crew manages to slaughter all the heretics that manage to cross the deadly field of fire laid by the defensive turrets
Another blow is struck for the Emperor when the imperials destroy the blasphemous Malignant, ensuring that her corruption won't spread any further in a cleansing ball of holy fire

Hellbreed directs the awesome power of his flagship into the Omnissian, destroying the cruiser in a final act of spite before jumping into warpsapace, and leaving the Cadian Gate in the hands of the battered but  victorious Black Templars

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