Sunday 14 November 2021

The fate of Kantrael


After the fall of Cadia the Despoiler sets his sights on another target: the forgeworld of Kantrael is one of the last imperial holdouts in the region, so the Planet Killer is dispatched to blow the orb to pieces. Fortunately for the Adeptus Mechanicus a crusade of Black Templars has been recently washed in system by the currents of the Inmaterium, and the planet is far from defenceless.

Chaos Fleet
Chaos Lord Thraxos Hellbreed
Planet Killer
Devastation cruiser - Enduring Pain
Devastation cruiser - Merciless
Devastation cruiser - Malignant

Imperial Fleet
Marshal Gheidon
Battlebarge - Light of Purity
Strike Cruiser - Adamant
Strike Cruiser - Faithful
Strike Cruiser - Unbreakable
Dominator Cruiser - Omnissian
The formidable vessel moves ponderously amongst the attendant fleet
A lone mechanicus cruiser lends her nova cannon to the fight
Battle starts when the Unbreakable shows up behid the chaos fleet and cripples the Malignant with concentrated firepower
 Then the Planet Killer is damaged by an accurate nova shot from the Omnissian
Instead of firing the Armageddon gun the battleship just powers towards the forgeworld
But in the next turn thunderhawks and torpedoes manage to render inoperative the massive cannon
The Faithful and the Adamant have closed the range and fire on the hulking ship with their bombardment cannons
Next turn both fleets come to grips, lances and macrocannon shells crisscrossing the void between them
The Malignant finally succumbs to a fire that had been burning her decks for several turns
Seeing his flagship all but destroyed hellbreed decides to take the coward's way out and disengages.
Imperial Victory!

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