Thursday 5 December 2019

Ambush at Mutie Creek

After our close run against the heretics Klovis led the crusade on a campaign of cleansing, beginning by the slaver guild, now in the hands of the nefarious mutants.
  He sprang  an ambush on the unbeliever, scrouging their sinful bodies with the flame of redemption
 I led the remaining brethren, joining the Redeemer's holy slaughter with shots of my own
 The deviant blasphemers where brought down by the power of faith
 Our allies of the corpse guild were attacked by the pitiful remnants of the archenemy, but soon they too where blasted and cut to bits by the relentless crusaders
 Even novices flocked to the joyous execution of the mutants
 Klovis himself despatched the repugnant twists with his Sword of Persecution
 Not even their horrendous alien mercs were safe from our wrath
And with a final shot to the head their leader was killed, crowning the fiery strike of the faithful with laurels of glory
With the foe routed the crusade moved in to purify the place form heretic taint

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