Saturday 21 September 2019

Eternal Crusader

 The Eternal Crusader is the home of the Black Templars. Unlike more grounded astartes the Templars are a fleet based chapter, keeping only a scattering of fortified keeps across the galaxy that serve as recruitement and staging points. The bulk of the chapter takes to the skies aboard their many spaceships, keeping alive the flame of an eternal crusade lighted by their founder Sigismund. As such the Crusader is more than a battleship, it's where the spiritual home of the chapter lies, where its most valued relics, such as the first Black Sword, are kept and from where their High Marshal commands the deployment of crusades and fighting companies. As such she is rarely deployed into battle, as it's the chapter's de facto fortress-monastery, instead, other battlebarges take the burden of combat.
 Four plasma thursters drive the barge through space

 The chapter's icon is proudly dispayed on her flanks

 The Crusader's command cathedral is ornately gilded, with an imperil aquila sweeping on the foe.
The hardest part of the conversion was fitting the head to the bridge, lots of cutting and filing involved. The eagle head comes from the imperial knight kit, the wings are leftovers from a stormraven's blood angels iconography and the winged skull is the crozious from a chaplain
  The deathly gaze of the Emperor stares down the enemy

The Eternal Crusader takes battle to the foe during the Third War for Armageddon