Wednesday 6 December 2017

Friedland 1807

 The last battle of our fourth coalition campaign: the russians have got an extra division thanks to winning the previous games, the french begin with less, but as the battle goes on they'll recieve more , eventually outnumbering the russians.
 The russians rush forward, aiming to kill the deployed french before the rest arrive
 A stream divides the battle in two flanks
 Rush B! Heinrichsdorf in fact

 The first reinforcements appear, a mix of poles and chasseurs
 The hussars charge towards the horse artillery
 The great battery is deployed in the right
 Ney's corps arrives, its dragoons charging the hussars
 While massed cavalry smashes against the russian battery
 The hussars were soundly defeated
 But the guns evaded behind infantry squares
 The dragoons assaulted the infantry, which formed a square
 Repelled by the infantry, the dragoons were charged in the flank and routed
 The artilley had deployed again, recieveing the charge of the chasseurs while the russian guard came under attack by the cuirassiers

 The guard formed cooly into square
 While the gunners shot down most of the enemy, finishing the rest with the ramrods
 The russian central guns didn't do much during the game, save guard passage along the stream 
 Ney's infantry was charged in the flank
 And destroyed
 In the last turns the central guns retreat from the threat of french cavalry
The time is up and the imperials retreat soundly defeated, winning the allies thus the war of the fourth coalition, and ensuring the survival of a strong independent Prussia. 

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