Sunday 15 October 2017

Man o' War high elf ships

 I'm painting a small high elf fleet of 500pts for the game, above you can see an eagleship: basically a ballista platform that fires broadsides. Insted of the origial man o' war models I'll be going with dreadfleet as they are cheaper, bigger and more detailed. The problem with those is that there isn't a great variety of ships which makes proxies form other brands a must for some fleets.
To make the eagleship I had to remove the dragon and ram from the original "seadrake" model.

 There are some cute dolphins around the base, I had to model a wave in the prow to cover the space where the ram was

 The fleet's admiral sails in a dragonship, no tinkering with it since the dreadfleet ship represents it well enough, with the ram and a perched dragon to boot

 Dragon closeups