Thursday 25 May 2017

Lasalle points system playtest

 Made a points system for lasalle which you can find below  this being the playtest. It's very well balanced but the guns have been reduced to 50pts. The problem with Lasalle is that some lists are too OP: russians have too many guns, austrians more bases per unit and spanish free trenches and win if they tie, so a general system was needed to balance all armies.

I picked prussians with lots of regular infantry, one of veteran hussars a cheap unit of conscripts (landwehr) and four guns. My father picked two units of old guard, one of cuirassiers and five  regular infantry
 The french deployed in two flanking masses, the cuirassiers spearheading the one of the right
 The prussians just formed a line anchoring it in the center village
 French advancing in èchec

 The prussians must give way to a guard unit

 But win a round of combat against the gardes and sent them packing to the rearguard

 A french column is caught in hand to hand and pushed back

 The prussians form a crossfire
 One unit of guards is routed under continous fire from the village and the regulars
 The cuirassiers charged the veteran hussars and were repulsed

 The other french unit is also routed with only a guard unit left

The guard weathers the prussians volleys stubbornly and charge, but we have come to the last turn and the prussians win 275pts to 0.

Lasalle points system

Infantry: any number
Infantry unit 100pts: 4 bases reliable/experienced/SK1
Special rules, pick up to two, if marked with* you can only take one.
Unpredictable/amateur/SK0 -25*
Unpredictable/irregular/SK0 -25*
Valiant: +25
experienced or irregular/SK2: +25
Guard: +25
Reliable/experienced or irregular/rifles/SK3 (british only): +50*
Guard/valiant/Sk2 (old guard, french only): +75*

Cavalry: 1 for each 2 infantry units
4 bases unit 100pts: reliable/experienced
Special rules, pick up to three, if marked with* you can only take one.
A unit can't have shock and lancers at the same tame, pick one of the two.
Shaky/amateur: -25*
Valiant: +25
Shock: +25
Lancers: +25
Guard: +25

Artillery: 1 battery of 2-4 guns for each 3 infantry/cavalry units, all guns must be of the same kind in a battery and one of them can be a howitzer.
Light gun: 25
Light mounted gun: 50
Medium gun: 50
Heavy gun: 75
Rocket (british): 25

Generals: same number than opponent, roll attributes in the lasalle army tables.