Wednesday 3 May 2017

Dettingen 1743

 Next scenario of our campaign is Dettingen: King George II must cut his way out of a french trap in order to lead his army to safety. The french duc de Noailles has guns in the allied flank and blocks the road to Dettingen with his infantry and cavalry, amongst the later is the elite Maison du Roi no less!
 Guns ready to cause mayheim in the allied left

 The english army has the odd austrian allies, who would live up to their "fame" and fail several command tests.
 George II himself atop a white stallion
 The Maison du Roi (in white) prances in the french left

 The battle begins with the british launching the cav against the guns and the infantry into the french, while the left brigade remains motionless
 Austrian hussars

 The french move the cavalry to counter the british riders, while the second line of infantry plugs the gap they have left
 Austrian infantry doing what they do best: nothing!
 The hussars take the guns and some damage, these must be Hungarians and not austrians
 The british dragoons also make short work of the second battery
 Maison du Roi charges the dragoons and pushes them back, albeit at some loss

 This combat would drag on for some time as the hussars failed to come to the rescue
 The infantry clashes in the right
 The french elite blunder their charge orders
 But the fresher dragoons carry the day!
 Another unit of british also routs from a combat
 At this point I began to contemplate defeat: the french were in a good position to roll up my flank, if they passed their command tests that is...
 The french failed the test, and my guns soon took the chance and blew some regulars into oblivion
 Another french unit was mauled by an accurate volley
 Undettered, they charged in
 The Maison charged my austrians, who had just arrived to the front, they cooly formed a square...
 ...and routed the french poster boys, not so bad after all those austrians, brave but undisciplined
 The french dragoons charged my hussars, but the combat there stalemated
 Another volley and the french rout
 The austrians of course failed their command tests and kept in square under french volleys for several turns -_-
 With cold steel one of my units won the combat and destroyed their opponents

 With just one unit left in all of his brigades the french player decided to concede what has been the closest game in quite a time, Blackpowder seems to be more balanced than Lasalle with the points system and all. I had luck when he failed the command roll, next turn my guns were in a perfect position to blast away some french and tip the balance.
 Cav brigade
 Infantry brigade
Artillery brigade


  1. Superbes uniformes, et non moins superbes figurines...Quelle époque!

  2. Tristement les francais ont eu mal chance, desolé ;)

    1. Ils feront mieux la prochaine fois, j'en suis sûr!

    2. Avec mon père comment genèral je ne le crois pas XD

  3. Great to see some small table action - thanks