Wednesday 20 April 2016

Friedland 1807

 In this battle Napoleon has baited the russians of Bennigsen with Lannes's corps to make them cross the river and then fall upon them with overwhelming reinforcements
 The french move onwards their guns while the infantry awaits reinforcements
 Recieving the first reinforcements

 The mounted guns are charged and withdraw
 Ney's corps enters by the Sortlach wood

 And then Napoleon and his guard plus more infantry, the russians are now outnoumbered
 Cavalry clash in no man's land

 The french assault by the left and refuse the right

 French cavalry retreats with a bloody nose
 The russians haven't practically moved from the Friedland-Sortlach line
 French cannon bombards Friedland with canister
 While cuirassiers charge in the right

 The guns retreat to the other bank of the Alle
 Chasseurs caving in the russian lines

 In the cavalry clash...
 ... Mortrier is killed

 Poles charge the guns, wose crews'll hold miraculously for several turns

 Uvarov is killed in this fight
 The french lose their first (and only) unit near Friedland
 The russian guard stand alone against several foes
 Light cavalry at it again
 The french right now moves against the recently deployed russian guns
 Friedland under assault

 The guard, charged in the flank and front, routs
 The russian hussars are seemingly surrounded and destroyed
Followed by the weakened garrison of Friedland, at which point the russians concede. 
A massacre! just like in real life


  1. Beautiful looking game! Good stuff!

    1. Thanks, my father is growing tired of losing XD, so we'll play LOTR from now on, we'll begin by the fall of Arnor.