Thursday 27 August 2015

O' captain Goldbeard and his crew WIP

 Months ago I recieved a box of Mantic Ogres as a present and I got the idea of converting them in a piraty flavour wich would fit well with the ships I had already built. The six ogres could be used then as a Border Town Burning maneater warband or Golfang's mercenary regiment for warhammer. After procastinating them for a while I've started my work on them; I present you the ogre crew of captain goldbeard!
 Goldbeard himself, an ogre captain (Golgfang in WFB!)

 Youngblood wich'll have a pirate flag in the hook once finished, serving as the standard bearer of the mercenary regiment

 Ogre guide, serving as the musician in WFB
 A sailor who has explored the furthest reaches of the oceans hunting the fearsomest monsters of the sea, even the Kraken of whom he wears some fangs as trophies
 An ogre who could even be used in Blood Bowl, armed with trench spikes!
 Finally, a pair of youngbloods

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