Thursday 25 September 2014

Third war for Armageddon: Parol's bait

 Our next scenario of the camapign is Parol's bait: a group of frigates has lured part of the ork fleet into an ambush, and once the trap is sprung, the full might of the imperial fleet falls upon the unsuspecting orks.

Bait: 5 frigates, 200pts
Imperial reinforcements: 2 dictator cruisers 440pts

Orc fleet: 5 roks wit 1 warlord 440pts

The orks gain the reinforcement's value in victory points, the imperial reinforcements enter by one of the long sides of the board, the bait must be with the prow pointed to that board, the reinforcements may enter from the first turn.
 Bait divided in two squadrons: green and red
 The orcs deploy as far from the board were the imperials will appear as possible.
 The cruiser Undaunted (front) and Hammer of wrath (back) appear, and after launching torpedoes are greeted by the ork gunz
 The imperial carriers launch two waves of bombers
 One of wich is passed through by one rok who instead of stopping, locks on the Undaunted, suffering some damage but inflicts two wounds on the Undaunted
 The ork fleet surrounds the Undaunted, who has been left alone by the imperial player
 After some locks on, the undaunted is destroyed

 One frigate of red quadron is also sunk by the artillery of a lone rok in the ork left
 Two ork roks have continued to advance to be in the other cruiser bow, and concentrate their guns on it, while launching torpedoes at maximum range against the frigates of green squadron, who shrug off all damage

 The lone rok is detroyed eventually by two bomber markers, the most useful imperial weapon of the battle by far
 The rok in front of the destroyed cruiser changes its heading and destroys one frigate with locked on gunz
 While its torpedoes destroy another frigate of red squadron
The remaining roks concentrate their batteries on the His will, who is also destroyed, the rok in the far right only has one damage remainig, so after failing to disengage moves away from the battle 

The battle ends with a resounding ork victory, as the two remainig frigates disengage to bring admiral Parol news of the defeat

The campaign goes on with easy ork supperiority

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