Monday 26 May 2014

Calçots vs pinxapinyes

Welcome all to the match between the lizzardmen team of pinxapinyes and the humans of calçots boys. Today the pinxapinyes are making their debut, remember all that the team includes this season six saurians that have been sent directly from Lustria by the owner to improve the team's performance. 
 In the middle of the pitch we can see the refree kristilit who is about to throw the coin, the golden disc twists in the air aaand the lizardmen'll recieve
 the ref quickly retires before the two lines of blood crazed players clash
 In The lizardmen sideline we can see their coach the skink priest Albert costa, accompanied by the team's cheerleaders
 while in the human one their coach Joan Cervera is accompanied by the brand new team's appotecary, the sigmarite priest Helmut Wimpfen
 Calçot's fans are specially violent today and one of them throws a banana that impacts against one of the saurians, causing little damagae appart from stunning him a bit
in their first turn the lizardmen begin to open a bloody path by their right , a blitzer in the way is left unconscious and the appotecary is unable to revive him
 their turn ends with a clear penetration in the human half
 In the human turn one of their linemen enters the enemy's half
 Once the human tam has been contained the lizardmen put in motion the second part of their plan
 sending a skink across the gap towards the touchdown line and trowing the ball to him afterwards, but the reciever fails to pick the ball and the turn changes
 the humans manage to pick tha ball
 but instead of throwing it forwards they pass it to one of their linemen who is rapily knocked out by two saurians
 After the ball finishes bouncing a skink tries to pick it up
 but fails miserabliy
 finally another of his teammates manegs to pick it up very close to the touchdown line
 menwhile, in the middle the saurians prepare to krack open some skulls
 two players are knoked down to the ground, but just that
 the saurians begin to make fouls, their birbes manage to cover the first one
 but not the second, which ends with the expulsion from the field of a saurian 
the ref could be herad saying you-you out-run from my field!

in the human turn some players stand up 
 and together manage to throw to the ground a saurian,
 but they can't do nothing to prevent the skink in their touchdown line from scoring the first touchdown
 The lizardmen kick and after the ball scatters from the field, the humans put it in one of their recievers and penetrate by their left
 but the interloper is quickly surrounded and knoked by skinks

 the abll is on the loose, another skink cathes it and passes to another of his teammates near the halfline
 the skink catches the ball and begins to sprint towards the touchdown line
 suitabily protected by his companions
 The human reaction is desperate, two lplayers attack a saurian in the extreme of the defensive line
 while their mates form up a defensive wall
 the blitzer makes a foul upon the fallen saurian, but is quickly expelled by the ref at the shout of the next time-occassion pay more-big

 the lizardmen block the wall with their saurians
 one skink passes to the other next to him
 and he begins to run towards the tuchdown line, he tries to move another extra square to score
 but fails the agility test much to the consternation of their fans

 in the human turn a thrower picks up the ball
 and passes to one of their recievers who quickly penetrates into the enemy pitch
 in the lizardmen turn the saurians smash the wall causing some injuries
 and end the run of the reciever rather abruptly
 one of their skinks catches up the ball, looks across the fiels and makes the signature movement of coach Costa, a long bomb!
 the throw is quite unaccurate and falls at some distance from it's target
 a funny spectacle ensues when the clumsy saurians try to pick up the ball, but after lots of failed attempts one of them manages to pick it up
and scores the second and last touchdown of the match, since the human coach declares that he accepts the defeat in the last minutes of this first half.

Post match phase: The humans managed to earn 90000more gold crowns wich summed up with the 40000 that remained in their coffers made them able to contract  the mighty Zug for their match against Necrofilia, in the experience phase one of their throwers gained a new skill wich was "leader" providing thus a new reroll for his team.
The lizardmen earned also 90000 wich spent in an apotecary, no relevant progress was made in the experience phase.

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