Wednesday 30 April 2014

Teams for the Kislev cup 2014 (2d edition)

Last year, some friends and I played a blood bowl league called the "kislev cup": I was the winner of that edition, but this year the league comes again, and nothing is assured, so let the ball fly and the best team take the Kislev cup!
Necrofilia: undead team
Coach; Oriol 

This team fought hard for the cup during all the league, after a pair of draws and a victory, it was becouse of it's superior team value that managed to pass to the final, where after managing to arrive at a draw at the end of the second part finally lost the cup by a last touchdown scored by my own team.

After consulting the rulebook wich told us the team value thing I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome so if this situation repeats in this new edition we will decide it by "golden touchdown", the one to score first after the endtime is the one to pass to the final, we will decide who recives the ball by throwing the coin of course.

The team is composed of  seven zombies (green skin+tombstone), four gouls (tan and red skin) and two wights

zombies (who knows to what teams they belonged before being killed and reanimated by the evil lich Oriol!)

 wights: le chevalier (coming from the coursed mousillon) and espectrus (coming from the also cursed sylvania)

 and flesh-eating ghouls
Pinxapinyes: lizardmen team
Coach: Albert

Reckless? intrepid? mad? hundreds of adjectives have been labelled to this team. Last season it was composed exclusively of skinks, althought their strenght 2 didn't prevent their coach from playing one of the more agressive hand to hand tactics of the league. He also refined his "long bomb" tactic, consisting in throwing the ball in the middle of the contrary field and hoping that the supperior speed and dodging abilities of his skinks allowed him to cath the ball and make quick touchdowns. Due to this intense play, when I confronted him the result was a 2-3, the most scored match in all the league.

This team started  well enough the league, with a resounding victory over the human team, after a defeat and a draw, ended up matched in points with the undeads to reach the final, but thanks to having less experience points (and hence less team value) was putted out of the final. Slann Mage-priest Xiclotacl the owner of the team, was severely dissapointed by such bad results and decided to send a cadre of his elite temple guard saurians this season to increase the smashing power of his team and open a way to the final by means of brute force.

Calçots boys: human team
Coach: Joan 

This team was coached by my father, but  he had really bad luck during all the season: in the two first  matches, which he lost,  his two recievers were killed (yes one of those was killed by a skink!) and after that, he wasn't able to win either the match against the undead. So he ended at the bottom of the classification, without doubt the most ill fated team of the entire league. Let's hope that after a good read of the rules he will perform better this season.

This team was one of the two original ones that came in the Blood bowl game box, it consists of six linemen, two recievers, two throwers and two blitzers.

 And finally my own team, the "xicots de Skarsnik", an orc team
Coach: myself, Francesc 

My team performed superbly well suring the season, classificating for the final without any problems and at a good distance from the other teams. I managed to win against the lizardmen and the humans, but I drawed against the undedad, in a match that was a prophecy of the final. Thruth is, that I had an indecent good luck in the advance tables for the experiece points, and my captain the blitzer "puny" Alparkt ended with strength 4 (after rolling a double 6) and a wide range of skills that allowed him to score the winning touchdown of the cup.

The only mistake that I think I made was contracting a troll big guy, that in adittion of doing nothing in the last classificatory match, ended expulsed from the field in the final, if I manage to collect some gold during the season I'll spend it in another blitzer rather than in a useless troll.

This team was the other one coming in the box: two blitzers, two black ork defenders, two throwers and six lineorcs. I followed most of the predesigned composition given in the starter game, but I changed five points of fan factor for an apothecary, a very popular improvement amongst the players in last season, which can heal even your dead players in a sort of messianic fashion.

So now it's time for my team to defend their hard earned cup and crush as many skulls as possible in the process!

Let the games begin!

"puny" Alparkt in the left painted his face red after killing a human reciever

After winning the cup my team has the privilege of being stored in the "honour box" of the league.

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