Monday 11 March 2013

Warhammer 40k eldars vs guard

 The lines of battle
 The disciplined ranks of the guard
four squads of veterans (two with camo cloacks, one with carpace armour)
four leman russ (2 with battle cannon, 1 exterminator, 1 punisher)
 The mystic eldars deploy behind cover
One wraithlord
Autarch on bike
Solitaire Phoenix lord
2 harlequin squads 
1 squad of gaurdians
1 squad of spectral guard
1 D cannon

 The eldar general
 And the guard Captain
 The eldars start to advance
 General advance using fleet of foot
 Some hungry dinosaurs using the rules of ordo malleus dixit
 the commander of the armoured company points the objective
 the guard movement: just the tank in the background
 A battlecannon shot blews up the specctral guard lefting just tho and the warlock
after concentrated fire from the punisher and the squad, the autarch is killed
 The executioner kills one crewman of the D cannon
 After the turn, the dinnosaurs attack the closest unit: a leman russ, unable to penetrate it's armour the dinos keep scratching at it
 2d turn eldars, the wraithlord and the harlequins closing by
 fleet foot everyone!
 The D cannon scores a hit, impending the command leman russ from shooting
 The vets are assaulted!
 Shuriken fire kills three guards
 the unit near the executioner is wiped in hand to hand and abandons the table!
 The same damage suffer the men in carpace, but after a duble 1 in morale hold their ground
 In the guard turn, the disabled leman russ runs across the table rolling over units until making flee the guardians with armoured brutality.
 General view in the 2d guard turn, the wraithlord keeps on  in spite of concentrated fire from several units that costs him 2 wounds. Menwhile the harlequins finishes with the unit in carpace and with his sacrificed comissar.
 The punisher turns and fires everything, when the dust lifts nothing remains of the Harlequins!
 The dinos keep on biting
 In the eldar 3d turn the wraithlord starts to smash the punisher, inmobilizing it. Next to him the D cannon conmotionates the executioner.
 the phoenix lord attacks the command squad starting to cause wounds
 The harlequins charge against a units of vets and cit their throats in the ensuing pursuit.
 In the guard's 3d turn the remains of the flank concentrate the fire and kill some Harlequins, but with their leadership of 10 they remain defiant
 The command leman russ destroys the guardian squad, at the end just one was left.
 Desperatly the punsiher tries to kill the wraithlord.
 The hahnd to hand continues in the centre
 Finally the eldar 4th turn, the wraithlord inmobilizes again the punisher (destroyed) and advances threateningly thowards the recovered executioner
 The last unit of gaurds is charged by the Harlequins and lefts the table.
 In the Imperial 4th and last turn the leman russ rolls over the harlequins, turns and with heavy flammer cooks three of four, the remaining death jester is left alone too close from hungry reptiles.
 Finally the executioner blows up the Wraithlord with a sigle lascannon shot
Raaargh! the dinosaurs get something to eat after their previously usuccesful efforts.
The winner of the day: the Leman Russ
(preparing steel storm, by ralph Horsley)

The outcome:

Imperial guard: 1300 victory points
Eldars 1000 vistory points

So a very hard vicotry for the guard with onli 300 victory points. A Pyrrich visctory? no ther are much more guardsmen from where those came...

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