Tuesday 6 December 2011

Heavy stuff: Mijaíl Kutuzov and Pavlovski Grenadiers

Marshal Mijaíl Kutuzov is usually known in general culture for being the one who deafeated Napoleon and sealed the destiny of the Garde Armèe, Is he who has through years of propaganda amassed all the credit for the defeat of the french empire and the end of Bonaparte's reign. Nothing more far from reality, it is true that from Borodino was he who commandede the russians, but the Tsar appointed hm commander in chief just few days before the battle. The long months since the crossing of the Neiemn had been handled between generals Bagration and Barclay d eToilly and to them is the credit of killing nearly half of the french army on the march. But as both of them were foreingers russian history tended to cast them appart.
Kutuzov's miniature is based on the famous picture above, i bought the dtrelet's russian and prussian command, and i couldn't evitate using it's fantastic range of miniatures for doing some historycal painting recreation. You'll tell me if there are any ressemblance!

Kutuzov was not a great general, but a leader of men. He could slaughter the whole russian guard at Borodino forming in squares in front of massed artillery, but for the common soldier his paternalist and hot-hearted attitude was what kept him on the fray.

Here: an opolchenie militiamen carries a wounded general back to Hospital

The beast: my first 12 pds russian gun, named "capitain tushin" for her proudly crew

the officer hurries his men moving the gun into firing position

The Pavlovski Grenadiers
Rivers of ink have flown speaking about them ,their courage, gallantry and unsttopable charges have assured a place amongst the greatest regiments of all times. Suffice to say that they wear the old Tsar Paul's uniform (Probablly as a shown of respect from Tsar Alexander, who ever had deep remorse for having killed and dethroned him) and that their moust famous battles are Borodino, Eylau and Friedland. From the last they piked a very curious tradition that remained till the Soviet era, their mitres wore with pride the bulletholes of the battle, who were never repaired, i tried to imitate this in the minis, so you would nottice lots of black gaps in the brass paltes. 
'ere they come

with the officer to the front, the standrads raised high and a little fifer-boy to play in the fight!

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