Thursday 3 November 2011

russian army list

Russian Imperial Army

Infantry brigade 200 pts
Extra unit 50 pts

Jägers  200pts
      Just one jäger brigade for each 3 of shock infantry (grenadiers and musketeers)
      Sharp shooters, just one dice for base in hand to hand combat.

Grenadier Brigade 280 pts
 1 grenadier brigade for each 3 of infantry
Regulars (shooting), elite (hand to hand and discipline)
Extra unit +70 pts

One battery for each 3 units
      1-4 guns that could be deployed in 2 batteries
      100 pts medium cannon
      130 pts mounted light cannon
120 pts heavy cannon, just one heavy cannon for each 2 of another kind

Opolchenie infantry 120 pts
Irregulars, cowards, extra unit 30 pts

                        Russian Cavalry

Hussars brigade 200 pts
Extra unit +50 pts 

Cuirassers brigade 240 pts
      Regulars, battle cavalry
      Extra unit +60pts

Dragoons brigade 200 pts
      Can dismount, regulars
      Extra unit +50 pts

Cossaks brigade 200 pts
      Cowards against infantry, corageous against cavalry
      Extra unit +50 pts

Lancers brigade 240 pts
      Regulars, lances, extra unit 60 pts

Russian Guard
Guard Infantry 320
      Sharp shooters, elite
      Extra unit 80 pts
Guard hussars 320 pts
      Extra unit 80 pts
Guard cossacks 320 pts
Extra unit 80 pts
Guard lancers 360 pts
      Elite, lances
      Extra unit 90 pts
Guard cuirassers 360 pts
      Elite, battle cavalry
      Extra unit 90 pts

For each three units of the guard you can converse one artillery battery in sharpshooters for 20 pts for gun

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