Friday 20 May 2011

Russian village: step 1 Mussorgsky house

The first project : an european neighbourhood

Since Christmas me and one friend had been thining about reconstructing the battle of asuterlitz in 1:72 miniatures. I took command of the russians and we started to assemble our armies.
But what is a battlefield, sepecially a napoleonic one without a nice village? something grey insn't it, so i decided some days ago to start creating one.

Building one of this is extremelly easy,  in 4 or 5 hours you will have finished it. As a battelfield terrain I thought tat it wouldn't be fitting that it was as clean and untouched as in a sunny spring day so i decided to do some damages and battle details. Just by broking some cartboard laps and adding smoke out of the windows the building will seem in real fight, but this didn't compleetly satisfied me; so i decided to pick a russian from an italeri box, and trough a bit of twisting and putty i get a dying soldier that is hanging from one of the windows.
Here:The gallant new ingria regiment marches on to victory

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