Monday 12 June 2023

Battle of Salamanca


After Wellington's hard won victory at Badajoz it was time for the final showdown at Salamanca. The brits have a tough game ahead of them, with the french forces of marshal Marmont entrenched in the Arapiles heights
The french right is anchored on Calvarrassa de Arriba, while Wellington's center lays on Arapiles itself
The british start the battle with a massive attack on the Monte de Azán, where the battle's main objective is based
Le Marchant's heavy dragoons lead the charge
On the left the light division marches towards the heights
The imperials form in square, becoming pinned in place while the scots close the distance
The french then launch an assault on the weakened british center
Light dragoons and chasseurs clash on the right
A fight that goes in the brit's favor thanks to their better line formation
The riders charge onward, beheading general Thomiéres on the way
The redcoats on the left take advantage from a dead angle to approach Calvarrassa safely
The action ramps up on Monte de Azán with the french dragoons charging the heavy cavalry
While the scots wipe put the frenchmen on the hill
Sadly, in the center the redcoats break under french pressure
And even Wellington is killed in the rout
The french have broken through, but will it be enough?

While Picton reforms the rest of the army into a defensive position
Undaunted the british flee forwards, charging the village under artillery fire
The heavy dragoons at last push back  the dragoons, charging for the guns next followed by their comrades in arms
The light division goes all out into the villages
While the imperial dragons flee from the enemy
And the cavalry rides down the guns
With the situation stabilized around the hill, and the objective on british hands, it's only a matter of time until the french morale breaks

To compound the french defeat Calvarrassa is taken by the light division, sealing the game with the french trapped in the middle of the battlefield 
Another glorious british victory

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