Thursday 22 June 2023

Road to Temenos: redemptionist roadblock


Across the Ash Wastes the Redemption marched triumphant. Purging the sacred desert of heretics and bringing salvation to the rest, the crusade entered the Temenos Washrine, claiming the sacred Iron Skull for the most blessed Prophet.
Alas the forces of evil never rest, and soon we saw a host of sinners clad in the corrupt trappings of Helmawr crest the horizon riding at full speed towards the holy temple
Alien abominations and degenerate mercenaries filled their pustulent ranks, headed by that most abominable of deviants: the repulsive noble Haera
After trading shots with the heretic vanguard, our hearts rejoiced when the Pulpitek joined our sanctified struggle with its formidable firepower and blazing icons of faith
At the forefront of the defenece was the blessed Redeemer, unleashing his holy wrath on the heretic scum with the Sword of Persecution
The sinners approached our lines coming closer and closer
While we laid in ambush waiting for them to come closer
It was then that brave Alpha sprang unbidden into the foe, jumping among their ranks and felling oppressor after oppressor with her mastercrafted blade

And in the Emperor's eyes were they found wanting!

The Pulpitek joined the onslaught with heavy mining lasers, atomizing one of the deviant mercs that dared approach our holy turf
Even the impudent Haera was brought down by the faithful, all her riches and titles worthless before the cleansing fire of Redemption!
And lo behold, the Master of Mankind took notice of our holy struggle and blessed our weapons with holy flame, all the better to smite the heretics that rose against Him

In a last, desperate, bid to cross our lines the blasphemers formed an armoured spearhead
But one by one were they hunted and brought to account for their unspeakable sins
Proving once more that only the Redemption is the one true cause!
Bloodied and scourged the ragged remnants of the misnamed imperial house slunk back to the pestilent holes from where they had sprung, leaving the shrine in the hands of the faithful, praise be!

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