Sunday 24 October 2021


Last thursday it was the anniversary of this famous battle so we replayed it during the weekend. The two british columns come from windward straight to the francospanish line
As happened in the last time we fought this scenario my father spreads his flet to port and starboard.
Precise fire from Collinwood's Royal Sovereign destroys a french ship, the first casualty of the game
The combined fleet moves to counter the columns, splitting the battle in two distinct fronts
As usual the combat devolves in a confuse melee where ships engage yardarm to yardarm
Up in the north the HMS Africa is engaged by two foes that will make short work of her
In the southern front menawhile the british ships of the line have manoeuvred to bring all guns to bear
Whereas in the north Nelson's column is becoming increasingly surrounded
Finally the Africa surrenders to a french vessel, the first british to do so
Collinwood has become entangled with a french ship, that had cannily moved in front of him to stop the Sovereign in her tracks for the rest of the game
Nelson also crashes into a spanish two decker and starts a boarding action
But the day has turned against the english crown, and as another british ship strikes the flag the allies close their trap
A lone english ship drifts enveloped in flames
And blows up spreding damage and blazing fire to all nearby ships including the HMS Victory
Wile the british frigates come to plug the gap behind Collinwood's group both sides open fire
Alas their attack proved to be too daring, and the HMS pickle is annihilated by a broadside

The final nail in the coffin is Nelson's death, as his ship is battered by a lone frigate the crew is unable to control the blaze and the HMS Victory explodes in an enormous fireball
To pour more salt in the wound Collinwood is then shot down by a spanish sniper
The combined fleet suffers some loss too, but it's too late to turn the game
By now the formidable Santíssima Trinidad has entered the fray, her of sailors seizing the HMS Neptune after a bloody assault 
And with a final loss to the british the battle ends...
... in an incredible allied victory!