Thursday, 21 January 2021

Escape from Polis Massa


Blockade! After their defeat at Mustafar, the separatist fleet is hiding amongst the asteroids of the Massa system. The noose tightens around the droids, that must flee in order to fight another day
Long ranged turbolasers open the battle, setting a munificent frigate on flames
Vulture droids and LAAT gunships fight it out while the destroyers blast away at one another
Sustained fire blows up the munificent
The two providence destroyers struggle to launch more fighters
And are pounced upon by clone troopers and bombers that disable their turbolaser batteries

Yularen orders two venators to concentrate their fire and destroy the nearest vessel
The other carrier is beset by waves of LAATs that destroy most of her systems
The crippled hulk is them mericlessly killed by a passing venator

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