Wednesday 17 June 2020

Siege of Minas Tirith

 With the Rammas surpassed the host of evil assaults the White City
 First over the walls is the Witch King that attacks the trebuchet crew
 The siege towers reach the wall and the easterlings invade the walkway
 Old fool, don't you know death when you see it?
 The trolls and Grond reach the gate
 Swan knights and fiefmen rally to the defence
 Both wizard and nâzgul fight it out, with Gandalf coming off worse due to the spells of the spectre
 Finally the catapult destroys the gate, pouring orcs and trolls into the Tower of Vigilance
 The nâzgul is shamefully defeated by mere fiefmen
 The defences are breached, fall back to the second level!
Finally a catapult rock smashes into Gandalf, winning the game in almost the last turn

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