Thursday 19 December 2019

The vengeance of Klovis

 Justly wrathful after the failed attempt on his life, the Redeemer launched an assault on the last mutant holdout in the hive, the den of thieves and recidivists known as The Hideout
 We advanced steadfastly into that wellspring of corruption, some of our bounty hunters taking cover from the heavy defensive fire
 Klovis left two juves to guard our base, which soon came under siege
 The Redeemer led a vailant relief force that clashed with the reckless attackers
 Taking down the mutant boss in glorious single combat
 I joined too the attack on the enemy icon-fane
 But it was the reliable merc Alpha that cut the blasphemous emblem to pieces with her powersword
 The Redeemer took battle to the foe, cleansing their evil from the hive with gouts of fiery death
 Fruitless heretical attempts into our sacred relic where blunted by faith and fire
 Bellowing an oath of faith our magnificent messiah cut down the deviants like the chaff they where
 Even our penny-pinching allies joined in the slaughter, taking down a number of sinners
 Master Bruiser blasted left and right with his heavy stubber, sending an heretical wyrd to hell
 The mauled mutants could do little but drag themselves forwads until killed off
 Novice and Templar joined in the joyous slaughter of the repugnant heathens
I myslef gave the Emperor's mercy to the last of their number
And by the will of the Master of Mankind after the battle all the hive was in our hands

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