Monday 9 December 2019

Black Templars crusade fleet

 My space marine fleet is complete now, it includes one battlebarge, three strike cruisers and a pair of frigates, for a total of 1000pts
 These three cruisers from Vanguard Miniatures are the latest addition to the fleet
 The Majesty. I glued the aft flaps reversed so they don't mask the guns, the kit comes with loads of extra weapon batteries which have been set aside for a huge future project...

 Strike cruiser No Pity, I painted them with the same colours as the Eternal Crusader, using flap colours to set them apart. Painting was really quick, with the most laborious step being freehanding the little crosses on the sides

 The Holy Hand of Antioch. Model comes with two dorsal slots but since the GW ones came with only one turret, I decided to put an antenna in the second hole

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