Friday 13 December 2019

Surprise attack at Scavy Pit

 The tale of Klovis now takes an uncertain turn. As our messiah and I where overseeing operations in the Underhive a dastardly band of scavies dared attack our small party
 Led by a heretical wyrd the sinners pounced upon us
 Some of our brothers where pinned by their deviant onslaught
 Shaking off the surprise I led a group of the faithful to safety
 While Klovis punished the mutants for their gall
 The mercenary bounty hunters then came to our rescue, cutting a bloody path trough the ranks of the heretic, proving once more that none can withstand the wrath of Redemption (and its allies)
 Klovis stumbled under a telling blow and I felt my heart freeze at such a tremendous setback
 Oh me of little faith! As ever the Redeemer was resourceful in the face of adversity and he made his offenders pay in blood with the Sword of Persecution
 The sinners met their just fate under the blows of Klovis
 Seeing the way ahead open I rushed to safety
 As did Klovis
 And Alpha
 Even the injuried crusaders dragged their way to salvation inch by inch
As the last of us escaped the field the heretics slunk back to their mutant hideout

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