Monday 24 July 2017

Frostgrave 2nd apprentice

 Made my second apprentice for the warband, equipped with a two handed weapon and a magic orb to help him cast those tricky spells. Frostgrave is as good as Modheim. If in the second the problem were unbeatable warbands in the former is the snowballing effect of the winning warband: once you win a game you get all the treasure and XP and your warband skyrockets leaving behind the rest.

 How was that spell again? I used a GW flagellant model for his confused look
My warband so far. Front rank: knight, apprentce, wizard lvl 10, apprentice 2, knight; second rank: crossbowmen and infantryman. They got plenty of casting objects.
The most used spells are elemental bolt (+2) with bone dart (+0) as backup, then leap (+2) and reveal secret (+1) to get that extra sweet treasure.

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