Thursday 28 May 2015

Battle over Costia X

 For the final battle of this year's Metalica campaign the chaos hulk attacks the mining planet of Costia X to seize the promethium processing facilities wich ring it. We played the scenario breaking the blocade with the imperial navy as the defender. The fact that the imperial cruisers had recieved a good hammering in the last engagement (although being victorious) will make things ugly for them.
The imperials deployed randomly, with the hulk apearing obviously in the zone with less imperial presence. If the hulk exits the board by the imperial side the facilities will be invaded and the planet lost (since it's a gas planet there's no need for land battles).
 Defend the promethium gentelmen, the Emperor demands it!
 The imperials got the initiative, using Castia's gravity to turn to port and deploying bombers.

 The hulk moves on as the imperials race towards it
 The cruisers get close and the artillery barrage begins

 However, the hulk has more than enough damage left, soaks the incoming shots and moves on
 The imperials are close in pursuit, with all guns blazing

 But finally the hulk moves out of the table and the planet is lost
So let's actualize the campaign map, the Imperium has got the advantatge with two planets over the chaos's one.


  1. Looks fun! BFG is a great game. I really like how you've made a night-side for the planet.

    1. Thanks, making planets its cheap, easy and grateful, the best terrain to let fly your imagination.