Friday 19 December 2014

First battle of mutant ridge

 The battered titans of Mannheim maniple have been ambushed by a full force of biotitans, with the ods against them will they be able to weather the storm to come?
 The defenders deploy first with the attackers in reserve
 The first hierodule appears and hides behind the fuel silos
 In the third turn, most of the tyranid force appears an gets behind cover
 The titans march to bypass the siloes and the energy weapon of one kills an already damaged hierodule.
 The biotitans move out from cover and charge against the warlords
 Imperius Galgamech opens up with devastating effects: one vortex missile kills the foremost hierodule
 Another, already wounded, falls to the melta cannon
 And yet another one is finished by the second vortex missile.
 The remaining titans furiously charge against the legio metallica

 Imperius Galgamech is severely crippled by shots from a dominatrix hiding behind an ash dune after its shields have been burned by the hierophant's biocannons
And is destroyed after losing the combat
 In the background, Imperius Quintus smashed the head of the charging hierodule with his combat fist.

And so ends the battle, with a crushing defeat for the tyranids.

In the experience phase, Imperius Quinus advanced from experienced to veteran and gained the upgrade "devotional bell" (a copy o fhte bell of the lost souls perhaps?) wich makes him into a psyker granting a +1 in hand to hand.

 After losing the battle the swarm retreated. In the imperial fourth turn nobody moved.
In the tyranid turn, swarms secundus and primus moved to consolidate over cerberan primus hive and tertius swarm moved to give battle to maniple Mannheim again.

The campaign has lasted four turns and four battles, and the victors are the tyranids with three objectives (hives primus, secundus ans the refinery) against the imperials two (the mining complex and the water plant). The outcome of the second battle of mutant ridge won't affect the outcome of the campaign.

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