Sunday 29 June 2014

The battle of Grauenburg

 Those who follow usually the blog may remember that ages ago there was a a warhammer fantasy campaign ambientated in the province of Reikland. The campaign ended with one pendant battle, and today we have finally played it altought the campaign is over. So I give you: the battle of Grauenburg, where an army led by Karl Franz will try to defeat the dark elf invaders and throw them from their lands.
 We used the scenario generator designed by Gav Thorpe that came in WD 108 (Spain), we scored a hasty battle, with just the vanguards of two units appearing in the first turn, the two deployment zones were two corners of the table. The empire had the objective "vengeance", were they would get 500VP for killing the enemy general, and the dark elves "advance", were their units in the deployment zone of the empire would grant them their value in VP.
Above, you can see the advance of the Whole imperial army in their second turn.
 While the dark elves deployed nextly around their vanguard of an "altar of khaine" and executioners
The empire right flank was composed by massed reiksguard led by Karl Franz, Ludwig Schwarzhelm and a death wizard
 Overpowerd unit of doom!
 Karl Franz's regiment crashes into the cold one knights and anihilates all but one of them
 Their persecution smashes a surprised regiment of spearmen who althought having 5+ ward save thanks to the altar are routed and run over by the unstopable reiksguard
 Who now take the flank of the corsairs without having suffered any losses for the moment
 Taken by the side, the corsairs are also eradicated, but in their excitement, the reiksguard ends up in the middle of the dark elfs army
 Meanwhile, the repeater crossbows kill some crew and cause panic amongst the crews, inhabilitating them for the rest of the game (since the don't have enough movement to reach and shot the cannons again)
 The dark elves take their vengeance, the hydra charges the knights by the front and the crossbowmen by the right, the combat ends with one knight down and four wounds for the hydra, but being stubborn thanks to the altar the elfs hold their ground despite losing the combat by five points
 The remaining cold one knight charges the imperial mage inflicting one wound
 Finally the dark elfs manage to get some sucess killing three knights and wounding the emperor with a single spell
In the imperial turn, the knights end the last cold one knight.

At that moment, the battery of my camera gave up, the combat continued, the most destacable part of it was that after the knights and the crossbowmen and hydra killed themselves, karl Franz, all alone charged against the supreme sorceress leading the army and beheaded her with a single strike of Ghal Maraz, at which point we decided to end the game since the empire had earned 500VP and the dark elves had clearly lost the battle by slaughter.

So the first fight for my dark elves and it has ended in ingominious defeat! lucky that I was leading the forces of the empire tough.

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