Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Battle of Grunburg

With a friend we decided to start a new campaign based in Reikland using the old and excelent mighty empires ruleset wich can be found on the next link: http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1340009_Mighty_Empires.pdf

We started the campaign with two flags of 2000 pts each, the Empire's were lead by Volkmar and Karl Franz respectively, and the darkness were formed by Night Goblins under Skarsnik and Dark Elves under Morathi.
After our covered deployments we found out that our armies were very near, and so the battle would be inmediate. The darkness gained the first move: in the south Skarsnik left his kingdom and lead the attack against the imperial defenders of the village of Grunburg; in the north, Morathi tried to advance too, but the scout chart produced an event, the dices were thrown and... a double 6! Wich meant that with a 4+ a dragon apocalypse would fall upon the land, a 3 was scored and thus the dragon rage avoided. In the Reik the dark elf fleet remounted the stream and blockaded Altdorf.

Above you can see the Drakness turn, the stars are the capitals, the arrows the movements and the lightning the events. The purple cirlce is the dark elf army, the green the night goblin and the oranges the imperials. The diamonds are the dark elf and imperial fleets. Above you can appreciate the timing of the campaign in the imperial calendar. 
The only contact made was in the south by Skarsnikt against Volkmar's army,
 The Confronted armies: 
Volkmar: 20 spearmen, 20 halberdiers, 3 detachments of 5 handgunners, 2 great cannons, 10 greatswords, 2 warrior priests, a steam tank, and last but not least Gotrek and Felix!
Skarsnik: 4 units of 20 night goblins with 3 fanatics each, 2 units of 5 spider riders, 2 units of 5 wolf riders, 10 black orks, a giant, 3 trolls, a rock lobber, 10 squigs, 4 snotlings and three trolls.

 Yeah the mostruous squig (the "mucus" as the rival nicknamed it) counts as a troll

 Some nasty tricks of Skarsnik delay the arrival of the spearmen to the battlefield

 the empire takes positions
 a cannonball kills some black orcs
 The green horde advances! waaagh, iiiiih!
 The stone lobber destroys the crew of one cannon
 while the other fall to the magic carried in Skarsnik's magical weapon
 The steam tank kills a squig and a base of snotlings
 The giant charges the greatswords who fail catastrophicaly their terror test
 A priest is killed, again by skarsnik's weapon
The battle in the middle of the game: the giant has charged the block of spearmen following the rout of the greatswords, the spiders are attacking two detachments that are garrisoning a building, while the rest of the night goblins army tries to reach the elusive imperials 
 In the face of Gotrek's advance two night goblin units unleash all their fanatics in the hope of scarying him
 The stone lobber misfires catastrophically as usual
 but the spiders overrun the  detachments thanks to their ability to ignore any kind of obstacles
 The giant sweeps some spearmen
 and pursues them out of the battlefield destroying the frightened greatswords in the process
 the flank has been breached!
 and the imperial army runs from the field led by the steamtank to spare forces for another day
the stragglers: a block of halberdiers plus Gotrek and Felix
The fanatics smash against the buldings or  between themselves, but not all, one crashes against a unit of night goblins, killing two and injurying a troll behind them
 a lone fanatic advance towards the imperials, while the spiders attack the halberdiers hoping to prevent them from leaving.
 in the imperial turn the halberdiers expell their attackers
 but at a too high cost, unable to move are taken by the giant by front and by the wolf riders in the flank being cutted to pieces.
 The outcome:
After aplying the "recover casualties rule" from mighty empires it turned out that the imperials had lost nearly two detachments of handgunners, one cannon, the block of halberdiers and the greatswords.
One warrior priest was captured but avoided his fate of being cooked to priest soup by dressing himself as an old woman and thus triking his goblin keepers. Skarsnikt will have to wait for another day to have his "holy man's special".
The goblins suffered light casualties including a black ork, a night goblin, some spiders and the stone lobber

After the battle came the imperial turn, expelled from Grunburg, Volmark closed himself in the castle reiksguard, hoping that the walls of the house of the emperor's finest would be enough to stop the green tide.
The emperor didn't move content with watching over the night elves, but the imperial fleet sallied forth to break the blockade of the black ark over Altdorf wich will be our next battle, played with man'o war ruleset of course.

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