Tuesday 8 October 2013

Talamanca 1714: Catalonia defies the spanish invader

 In the August of 1714 the army of Catalonia operating in the exterior of their besieged capital of Barcelona drives the spanishs into battle in an attempt to relive the city of the opressive grip of the bourbonic army. As the time runs out the marquis del Poal and his men have to achive victory in order to gain time for the cornered defeders.

This game was played with "lasalle" from the honour series, we added a new unit the "sotmetents" or militia wich can only form in attack columns and the duel rule in a combat where two generals are involved one can challenge the other, each trows a dice and the lowest losses the duel and abandons the field in dishonour (or death!) also, generals involved in combats are wounded with 5 and killed with 6, if wounded may recover with 4+ in their turn, but if the enemy passes over them while wounded are automatically captored. Even we invented a rule for grenades, wich have a range of 7.5cmt and throw the double of normal shooting dices (grenadiers only)

 The catalan army (from back to front and left to right): st Jaume curassiers, 1st sometent, miquelets (light infantry), 2d sometent, Cardona grenadiers, mitjans regular infantry regiment, and converged cavalry. The village of Talamanca can be seen at the right.
The spanish army under fieldmarshall Montemar: Vallejo dragoons, 1st batallion 1st regiment, 2d batallion 1st regiment, 1st batallion 2d regmient, González dragoons and 2d batallion 2d regiment
 the spanish advance
 the sometents leave Talamanca under marquis del Poal himself
 the catalans form a line to welcome the spanish invaders properly
 The cuirassiers hold the right

catalan left is hold by cavalry and Mitjans infantry
 the spaniards close by forming a line of their own

 Both generals put on a ballet of precise formations full of XVIII century flavour

 And so it begins, the first spanish forces advance to cross the stream and enter into range of catalan musketry
 first shots without much effect

 The spanish answer back
 and Vallejo's dragoons charge the miquelets, led by colonel Vallejo himself!

 the hand to hand remains a tide, but Vallejo is wounded
 some more regulars cross into the stream but catalan grenades start to inflict some damage

 Mitjans infantry fires upon the incoming González dragoons
 The sometents suffer casualties from the bourbonics formed in line
Gonzalez's dragoons charge with their colonel with them eager to equal the feats of their comrades
 the grenadiers are under attack and react throwing even more grenades
 sometents fire back, but without the proper training their aim is poor
 finally Vallejo's men rout the miquelets with the help of their colonel recently recovered from the grip of death
 while the grenadiers run too loosing their two flags
 González dragoons charge but the catalans hold fast

 in the right another unit has crossed the stream and now fires upon the surprised cuirassiers
 In a spectacular show of force Mitjan's infantry routs González's draggons and even capture their flag! the spanish colonel scapes unharmed (except in fis honour)
 With great determination the sometents turn to face the dragoons that have charged them in the flank, win the combat and even injury poor colonel Vallejo
 at left une spanish batallion awaits the catalan cavalry formed in square and with fiery shooting
 González leads too confidently a spanish batalion into the hear of the catalan deployment...
 and is quikly sorrounded and defeated (althougth Marquis del Poal is wounded)
 the sometents expell Vallejo's dragoons from the field
 and turn in time to face a charging spanish batallion
 The first duel! Colonel Gonzalez vs Colonel Mitjans
 Gonzalez wins!
 The square is charged but the spanish defenders start a long sucession of bad rolls and are unable to repel the cavalry
 After riding around the cuirassiers charge a batallion in the extreme right sustaining musketry casualties
 Second duel: colonel Amill vs fieldmarshall Montemar
 Montemear wins (that's 2 to 0 for the spanish)
 the third duel: an unknow spanish infatry colonel against cavalry colonel Pere Brichfeus 
 Brichfeus wins
The cavalry still defies the ruels  of probability and keep on with the tide
 Seeing how spanish units abandon the field en masse colonel González starts a organized retreat in sections
 The victorious (and unscratched) catalan columns march on, looming over a wounded Vallejo left behind by his men

 First damage on this battalion
 Vallejo is captured while the 1st sometents advance towards the spanish troops on the right
 and brought to Talamanca for further interrogation

The sometents are finally routed by Montemar's battalion 
 Poal Recovers, but the battle is now over
 Overview of the ending
The result? a tide!

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