Saturday 26 October 2013

Leipzig 200 aniversary

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 The overview of the battlefield from the south: the village in the left is Leipzig with the bridge over the Elster, near the heights is the village of  Wachau, in the background the villages of Mokern (left) and Schönefeld (right)
view from the north

 Allied army

In the south:
Eugene Corps: 1 russian division, 1 prussian division, 1 austrian division and one prussian artillery battery
The allied monarchs corps: 1 guard division, 1 guard cavalry division (guard cossacks), 1 position battery

in the east:
Gorchakov corps: 1 hussar division, 1 russian infantry division

in the north:
Blucher corps: 1 prussian infantry division, 1 hussar division and 1 prussian artillery battery
Bernardotte corps: 1 russian infantry division, 1 landwehr division, 1 cuirassier division and a battery of artillery

French imperial army

in the south:
Poniatowski corps: 1 polish division, 1 french division deployed around Wachau 
Napoleon corps: 1division of guard cavalry (polish lancers), 1 infantry division, 1 artillery battery and 1 imperial guard division in reserve

in the north:
Macdonald corps: 2 french infantry divisions and 1 chevauxleger division around Schönefeld
Ney corps: 1 voltigeur division, 1 artillery battery and 1 polish division around Mokern

 The three emperors with the russian guard
 Napoleon with his
 View from the Elster
 The allies start their attack
 in the east the Hussars charge a unit that fails to form a square
 in the north, the other division of hussars charge without suffering losses from the french canister
 the guard moves to reinforce the north
 susrprisingly the hussars are driven back by the french crew
 the polish guard lancers charge a russian division that manage to form the square
 in the east the hussars have suffered one casualty from the infantry, but now with the help of one division of russians that take the french in the flank are able to rout them capturing the first eagle of the day
 The russian guard also charges the poles in the flank

 after the dust settles there remain only the guards on the field, the square and the poles had been destroyed
 the russian hussars in the north are driven back in dishonor by the heroic french artillerymen
 the guard charges the russian cuirassiers who have suffered casualties due to musket fire, in the back of the guard the voltigeurs division regroups after having retroceded from the cuirassiers charge
 in the east the chevauxlegers charge the hussars in the west to prevent the line from falling
 the guard cossacks smash through a french division defending the heights and capturing an eagle in the process
 in the south a prussian division routs one of french while the fight for Wachau remains undecided with poles and austrians fighting around its streets
 in the north  a russian division captures Mockern, expelling its polish garrison
 while the prussian artillery blows up the stubborn french cannons that have excelled against the hussars
 another russian infantry division joins the fight against the imperial guard but without managing to break the elite french troops. next to them the landwehr attack Schönefeld, but without much sucess

 the guard cossacks descend the heights invading the french rearguard
 Finally Wachau falls to the allies who attack it en masse. With both his flanks turned out and just a portion of his army resisting around Schönefeld napoleon orders the retreat and crosses the bridge over the Elster.

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  1. Looks like a fun game. I've often wondered how Lasalle could be changed into a larger scale game.