Monday 26 September 2011

Russian Hussars

In all armies around the continent Hussars were the most amazing troop of the army, fashinable and womanizers, temeraries and irascibles, they embodied the spirit of boldness and heroic (but sometimes suicidal) acttitud that made each man in the regiment a single legend. The life of the hussar was a frenetical run thowards dead and adventure, althought most of this imagginary comes from the idealitzation of them that made romantinc poets thorought the XX century, from Pushkin tot Tolstoi the Hussar was the incarnation of the impulsive soldier always staring to life witha a ironical smile in his lips.

In fact reality was far more prosaic and lots of the most troublesome characthers in russian army came from all the arms of the army, for example Denisov an officer known for his exploits on the battelfield and in some ladie's room was in fact a Cossack commander.

But what is indubtable is that their uniforms and equipment where incerdibly exotic and ridicously exepensive, so perhaps we could consider that their wealth was the reason of many of their "exploits"

Elisabethgard Hussars

Soum Hussars

Mariopoul Hussars

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