Wednesday 27 January 2021

Pride of the Core

The Mandator II was the biggest Republic ship during the Clone Wars. An upgunned version of the dreadnoughts that protected the Kuat sector, the Mandator had extended hyperspace capabilities, and was able to whithstand attacks from no less than 1.000 separatists destroyers (!). This vessel was first mentioned in the cross-section books, getting afterwards a fanmade model in the excellent empire at war game. The design is basically a proto-Executor, with flat shape, banks of thrusters below and a dorsal protuberance, it also has the classic rhomboid "imperial" bridge.
This is the only vessel of the collection that isn't at scale, since it would be over 80cm long and take up most of the table, due to her impressive 8km length

 The Pride leds her smaller cousins to war

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