Wednesday 27 January 2021

Attack of the mandator


Termius besieged! The vital trade nexus of the Terminus system, in the Outer Rim, has fallen in spearatist hands; with no time to lose, chancellor Palpatine unleashes his latest weapon: the Pride of the Core, a massive mandator dreadnought at the head of an invasion fleet
The confederacy blockades the planet, bolstered by the orbital defences
Separatists vulture fighters, led by none other than General Grievous, scout ahead of the fleet
The evil cyborg and his magnaguard attack the engines, slowing the Pride of the Core
LAAT gunships strike back against the droids
Meanwhile a long ranged torpedo salvo cripples the space station
The mandator then concentrates all her formidable firepower on the enemy vessels
Turbolaser fire crisscrosses between the fleets while waves of bombers make their attack runs
Unable to bear such punishment, the central providence blows up
The cowardly Grievous abandons ship, taking shelter in the other carrier
With the way ahead clear, the pride advances ponderously, eradicating the defences with her  heavy turbolaser batteries
Another volley destroys the munificent frigate
The last separatist ship weathers incessant bombing runs
But the mandator has parked in orbit, unleashing the full power of the Republic on the rebel planet
As the clones take control of Terminus, Grievous flees to fight another day

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