Wednesday 30 September 2020

Forge Avenue


Imperial forces launch the last attack of the war, an assault against the traitor fortresses
First blood goes to Legio Honorum, Red Reclaimer killing a small warhound
Martian Avenger also destroys a scout titan in a brief shootout
An ordinatus takes aim
And destroys a building with its volcano
In the left loyalist and traitor face off along the street
Concentrated firepower dominates the manufactorum and spaceport sector
A warlord is brought low by Reclaimer, with help from the ordinatus that downs a covering building

Another Honorum engine makes a dashing charge, smashing its fist into the enemy and leaving it fatally wounded, it would later explode when its reactor went critical
The ordinatus destroys yet more buildings, denying valuable cover to the enemy
Reclaimer blows up yet another titan
With only one titan left and no enemy losses the traitors beat it
With most of the planet in loyalist hands the campaign is declared an imperial victory

Closeup of the new ruins, 3d printed walls, cardboard and sand

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