Wednesday 23 September 2020

Chaos Cruisers


These three devastation class cruisers mark the beginning of the chaos fleet, I painted them in classic red with gold accents and purple engines like in the video game. The devastation is the best vessel in the fleet, with lances, launch bays and weapon batteries is like fielding two imperial cruisers for the price of one (and rather cheap at 190pts), they will only struggle against things like necron or eldar
The Dark Sabbath was a constant thorn in the side of the Imperium during the Gothic War, taking part in the main actions of the war alongside the main warfleet of Abbadon, she was ultimately destroyed during the retreat from Schindlegheist by a boarding party of the Angels of Redemption

The Macrodeath was one of the vessels wich blockaded Port Maw, her waves of bombers were instrumental in the destruction of no less than 50 merchantmen, starving out thousand of loyal followers of the Emperor. She was to escape retribution however, retreating from the sector at the end of the war

Deathclock led an independent flotilla of raiders in the Lysiades subsector. Together with several cruisers and escorts she would prove the scrouge of undefended planets, landing the hosts of the lost and the damned in several invasions that enslaved millions of imperial subjects. She would be brought to account for her sins the battle of Boetia where a battlegroup led by Admiral Semper would cleanse the stars of her perfidious evil once and for all.

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